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Fetal position on the floor. Hello, you little brat. Recently, I found this article on Buzzfeed on new period panties, which really are a joke because who bleeds that little? May contain 18 language, rape, etc. Bag, that was swell!

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And because I want to hate my period and know my period and understand my fucking bleeding in all its complexity, its magic and its fuckedupness.

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Urban Thesaurus

Halfway through meals she would always feel the need. Hello my name is Charlotte Pickles and today I'm going to DW's Christmas tantrum because Charles Hatton thinks that DW's constant tantrums keeps doing his pissing head in and now I broke the 4th wall, time to shove it up my twat like dildis like oaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoa! As I was saying, your ill-tempered younger sister should think of those people who are suffering on such a time of peace love and giving. And when she bleeds, homegirl just wants to shut herself and scream for a day or two banging on the fucking uterine walls until I swallow enough Midol to kill a horse. That'll be one for the Jeremy Kyle Show!

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