Limp bizkit the fuck song

Quem pode ouvir Todos Somente eu. Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. Here we go It's a fucked up world We're a fucked up place Everybody's judged by their fucked up face Fucked up dreams Fucked up life A fucked up kid With a fucked up knife Fucked up moms And fucked up dads It's a fucked up cop With a fucked up badge Fucked up job With fucked up pay And a fucked up boss Is a fucked up pain Fucked up press And fucked up lies Well, Lethal's in the back With the fact of the fires Hey, it's on Everybody knows this song Hey, it's on Everybody knows this song Ain't it a shame that you can't say "Fuck" Fuck's just a word And it's all fucked up Like a fucked up punk With a fucked up mouth A nine inch nail I'll get knocked the fuck out Fucked up aids From fucked up sex Fake ass titties On a fucked up chest We're all fucked up So what you want to do? Visit best CoinMarketCap alternative. You wanna Fuck me like an animal; You like to Burn me on theinside You like to think that I'm a perfect drug; Just know that nothing ya do, will bring you closer to me.

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Hot Dog by Limp Bizkit.

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The F*** Song

Kick My Ass REHAB "Southern Discomfort" Kick My Ass High on coaine drunk drivin' in the rain Goin' north in the southbound lane Railroad crossing I out run the train Holdin' pain golden grain Danno Malone's the name In my chest gotta flame a collage of photos is in my brain My temper is fire and propane No shame no game no pain no gain Hey that's insane should I bend over and let the world gang bagn Or raise my neck and let the vampires position their fangs or be a pussy that hangs from a beam and swang no thanks I gotta an old truck I'm the king of touch luck from where ya bluff you get your card Plucked and get fucked up, ya get fucked up C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mn c'mn You wanna fight me? Introducing the Choclate starfish and the hotdog flavored water! I don't care if only the track trust me FUCK! Excluir playlist Cancelar Salvar. Fridge is empty, but I survive the hunger Who the fuck keeps callin from this private number? Introducing the Choclate starfish and the hotdog flavored water!

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limp bizkit the fuck song
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limp bizkit the fuck song
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