How to tell the sex of parakeets

Wear disposable gloves and mask if handling newly-acquired birds whose background history, breeding, where they came from and so on is unknown this includes pet shop and aviary-born birds. Answer this question Flag as Sexing parakeets picture 5: They look very different from pin feathers, so it will be easy to differentiate between the two. Both my budgies have purple ceres and I just recently got them, what sex would they be? Older male budgies that develop oestrogen-secreting testicular tumors can sometimes develop a brown cere as a result of the estrogen's effect on the cere. This can potentially lead to the mother bird rejecting her budgerigar babies.

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Sometimes, the vibrant color can appear purple-blue.

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How to Tell the Difference Between a Male and a Female Parakeet

On the upside though, once the blood is obtained it can be analyzed not only for sexing but also for possible genetic diseases. TN Tange Nichols Nov 25, Your vet can provide this service for you. This page contains everything you, the pet owner, need to know about parakeet sexing budgerigar gender determination. A Anonymous May 26, Good budgie sexing links includes links to genetics company sites who provide DNA bird sexing. These birds are commonly referred to as budgies or budgerigars.

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how to tell the sex of parakeets
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how to tell the sex of parakeets
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