Dating a person who is hiv positive

People living with HIV understand that you may have fears or trepidations, especially if you're dating someone with HIV for the first time at least, the first time that you know about. Being on treatment and having an undetectable viral load dramatically reduces the chance of your girlfriend passing HIV onto you. What is online is true —this condition does not improve, and the perpetrator of the violence never owns or acknowledges it. These include HIV-focused support groups, conferences, or dating websites such as www. A Girl Like Me. Pay attention, and you two will live happily ever after — or at least not break up over HIV. No matter how hot that guy looks, avoid an awkward, embarrassing or even violent situation by laying all your cards on the table at the appropriate time.

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Your HIV status is not a reflection of your self-worth; try not to let it affect your standards.

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Dating While HIV Positive

Have you started treatment? Hi Lebo, During the time that you were in a relationship with your partner were you on medication? In response to your question, it is possible for you and your girlfriend to have a baby without you catching HIV. But unless you have talked with him about it first, leave HIV out of the coffee talk conversation. Modern HIV treatment means this is all easy to do. The simplest option is just to conceive normally. They move on, and I need to find the strength to start looking again.

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dating a person who is hiv positive
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dating a person who is hiv positive
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