Matchmaking awesomenauts

Solo-queue is the most frustrating experience you can ever have right now. That's the kind of negative publicity that affects a lot more than 0. While we're open to suggestions, we can't afford to do major overhauls for a tiny improvement e. Matchmaking is such a big and complex topic that I'm going to write a series of posts about it. It's rarely possible to achieve all of these requirements simultaneously. Also, the skill difference between the top of a league and the bottom of that same league can be really huge, especially in the top leagues. It took nearly half a year before our playerbase reached a constant good amount on PC and even with those smaller numbers there were never long loading times.

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To avoid problematic edge cases like two players joining each other's rooms simultaneously we add a simple rule:

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What we came up with was to add a league system to Awesomenauts and limit matchmaking based on that. As you can see, in this case the algorithms described above fail to find the best possible match-up. With 10 players online you might be able to find a good match, but seeing such a low number might turn people off. Mon Jul 17, 2: I was the Ted.

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matchmaking awesomenauts
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matchmaking awesomenauts
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